Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Autumn Beauty Picks

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, there's nothing I love more than warm cosy nights in with a hot chocolate and of course going from vibrant bright shades to dark rich opulent shades. 

When it comes to dark lip colours, I don't tend to wear them during the day as they're quite over powering however if I'm going out for a special occasion, that's when I'm more likely to pop on a dark red/plum. My favourite two colours have to be Apocalips Matte - Meteoric Matte which is a gorgers matte lacquer. I did a review and swatched the range which you can read here if you missed it. Last but not least, another product by Rimmel which is the Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 30 which came out a few months ago. 

I love wearing dark nail polishes during this time of year, I love dark browns, blacks and reds. I am definitely a seasonal nail colour gal meaning I wear darks during Autumn/Winter and brights for Spring/Summer. Chanel - Black Satin is a gorgeous pigmented black, and I love OPI - Just a little Rosti at this which is a dark red almost burgundy. 

When it gets colder, I enjoy wearing heavier, long-wear makeup because during the hotter months, I tend to wear light makeup because it just melts off my face and I like to keep it a little natural. So I love wearing long-wear gel eye liners, the Bobbi Brown one is an old face of mine. I used to wear this a few years ago, it's long-wear, easy to glide on and pigmented. The same applies to foundation, a little cheat as I've been wearing this since August, but loving the Mac Studio Fix Foundation in NC35. During summer I was wearing Mac F+B but I've switched over to enjoy a fuller coverage.

Those are my favourite picks for Autumn, what are yours?

Sabi x

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Glitter Bomb | Rimmel |

018 Disco Fever
Add caption 019 Disco Diva

020 Midnight Mistletoe
021 Bedazzle
022 Bling Thing
I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to glitter, as there's too much effort that goes into removing it. However Rimmel's latest innovation Glitter Bomb Top Coat is pretty cute and kinda gets me in the mood for Xmas and NYE, so I'm not complaining! There are 5 glitter topcoats, if I'm honest - some better than others. The glitter coverage for some (Disco Fever and Bling Thing) is a little disappointing. You have to layer coats in order to get more glitter out. Disco Diva, Bedazzle and Midnight Mistletoe, you only need 1 coat but if you want to go all out why not go for 2 and really bling those claws out.

My favourite is Disco Diva which is a soft pink with small pieces of glitter and a few large circular pieces. It's a really pretty colour and I would ever apply this on my accent finger or on the tips. My least favourite? Disco Fever. The glitter coverage isn't great, I'm not a fan of square pieces of glitter and I just can't see myself using this much. 

Pretty cute overall, the packaging is cute especially the "0" being a cartoon bomb. I would give this a 6 out of 10 and Disco Diva makes up for the majority of that rating! 

What are your thoughts about Glitterbomb? 

Sabi x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Only Fingers and Toes

OFAT - Shanghai**

OFAT which stands for Only Fingers and Toes is a new nail polish brand on the market, exclusively sold at Harvey Nichols. I popped down to the OFAT Bloggers event yesterday held at the very cute Happenstance venue in London to learn about the new brand, meet the founder of OFAT, create my own nail polish mix and stuff my face with lots of yummy food!

Only Fingers and Toes is a 5 free nail polish which means it's free of chemicals which are in regular nail polishes that cause nails to stain and damage them over time. OFAT nail polish is free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid. Now I'm not a science boff but the fact that this nail polish doesn't contain chemicals which are in regular nail polish, OFAT gets a big thumbs up from me.

There are over 60 different shades available as well as a special dedicated nail care range which include a super gloss top coat, gel finish and of course your regular base/top coat. We got to speak to the founder of OFAT, India Martin who told us about the eco-friendly nail polish and her inspiration behind the shade names "every shade name has a story behind it". Coverage? You only need 2 coats, they are very pigmented. Colour range? There's something for everyone, from nudes to your brights and darks. Price? A little out of budget as they are £16 each however OFAT has an exclusive gift range and box which would make an amazing present. They are sold individually, in a trio pack as well as a 12 pack. They come in cute gift boxes, so highly would recommend buying this as a gift for someone as it screams out luxury!

Check out the OFAT website and if you're in Harvey Nichols any time soon, check out the range and book yourself a manicure! 

Sabi x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Glossaholic Talks: Skin + Health

Now let's get things in perspective. I'm definitely no health junkie, healthy eater or a gym type of gal. No. In fact I eat more than I should, I love a good Nandos meal, McDonald's, KFC, Burger king, the list is endless. Those who know me, know I'm not super healthy and thankfully I don't put on weight easily and I have a fast metabolism. I admit none of that is good for my health and as I'm getting older I'm taking more care of my health and body. Again, a message to those reading who know me very well, stop laughing! *lol*

I wasn't feeling very well a couple of weeks ago, and I've been I've been breaking out a lot more than normal (I know what you're thinking, it's all that crappy food I eat) so I decided to make small changes to my lifestyle to get rid of those bad toxins in my body.

A simple yet effective thing my sister recommended to me was to drink lemon and hot water to flush out the rubbish. Now I absolutely love drinking water, but when it comes down to warm water...oh no. I don't drink tea or coffee, I really dislike warm drinks except for hot chocolate (of course!). But I tried it - gave it a go - can't stop now! Now don't get me wrong, it's not a drink I enjoy because it's tasty, no no no. The results I get from drinking this is amazing. It's been about 2 weeks now that I have been drinking hot water and lemon every morning and not only do I feel good inside but outside too. My skin's better, I feel less sluggish and just more positive in general. I did a little research too on the benefits of drinking water...

  • Rejuvenates the skin and adds a glow to your face.
  • Great for the digestive system, eliminating waste products easier and quicker.
  • Has high source of calcium, potassium and Vitamin C.
  • Maintains the immune system.
  • Strengthens the liver.
  • Maintains the health of eyes.
  • Helps you lose weight.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression.
Tomorrow morning when you go to make a tea or coffee, try giving lemon and hot water a go instead and see if you notice the difference.

Sabi x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Provocalips | Rimmel

So excited for Rimmel's latest innovation Provocalips to hit the shelves this October!

Provocalips is a 2 step transfer proof lip colour product which gives you intense colour and lasts for 16 hours. A bit hard to believe right? I had the same reaction! Rimmel claims Provocalips is kiss proof, food proof and trouble proof, as no trace of colour is left behind. 

So one side of the tube contains the colour, the formula is like a lacquer but much more thin and runny. The colour is super pigmented so a tiny amount of product will do the job. This is step 1 and you apply this all over your lips as a normal lipstick. The applicator is slanted therefore it's easier to apply the product. Once you've applied the colour keep lips apart for 60 seconds as you need to wait for the colour to dry. Your lips will become slightly tacky and dry, but this is all part of the process!

Moving on to the white side of the tube covered in lips which I love by the way! This is the clear gloss top coat, which basically seals the deal! Apply this once lips are tacky, to lock in the colour and add the shine. Once this is done, you're set to go and trust me you're lip colour isn't coming off until you psychically take it off.

Step 1 - apply intense lip colour all over the lips. Allow 60 seconds for lips to dry and get a little tacky. But be sure to keep lips apart! Step 2 - apply gloss top coat to seal the deal. It's that simple!

I'm actually amazed with the colour pay off and long lasting formula. I never believe colour will stay on my lips over a few hours, and especially whilst I'm eating and drinking. Provocalips kinda has the whole package going on, intense colour, shine, long lasting and not forgetting the cute packaging. There are 8 shades available in the UK, from nude browns to reds, pinks and mauve rose shades. There's something for everyone!

Tip - Apply the clear gloss top coat every few hours, to renew the shine!

Skinny Dipping 
I'll Call You
Play With Fire 
Little Minx
Kiss Me You Fool
The bad? The only way to remove this is by using an oil based makeup remover. And even then, it can be a little tough to remove. But on a good note - it just shows you how tough this bad boy is and it's staying power!  

My faves? 'Kiss Fatal', 'Little Minx' and of course 'Kiss Me You Fool'. I would rate this a strong 9 outta 10 overall. Staying power? A strong 9 outta 10. If you haven't tried them yet, I urge you to go and get one in October. You will not be disappointed! 

Sabi x

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