MAC | Velvet Teddy & Blankety

Velvet Teddy

So last week I made a little MAC order and picked up Velvet Teddy & Blankety. Absolutely in love with both of these shades, I haven't stopped wearing them since last week!

So Blankety is a beaut creamy nude colour and reminds me a little of Pure Zen. It's really hard for us Asian girls to pull of nudes as they can really make us look like our lips dissolved into our faces, this is probably the lightest we can go without looking washed out. I don't think this lipstick is an all-rounder which would suit everyone, so I recommend you go into a MAC store and try a sample before purchasing. Things I love: the consistency, the creamy texture and longevity this lipstick. Love, love, love.

Low & behold, where do I start with Velvet Teddy? Velvet Teddy is a matte browny pink shade which makes you wanna relive the 90s. This shade is life, I can't believe I never tried this sooner. Velvet Teddy has a matte finish but doesn't dry your lips out at ALL! If you haven't tried Velvet Teddy before, I advise you all to go and purchase this one! Now it's clear why this is always out of stock!

Sabi x


  1. I absolutely love Velvet Teddy, it's my all time fave- I'd definitely wear it everyday if I didn't have so many MAC lipsticks to choose from! I'd recommend brave if you haven't already got it? X

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