Errands | OOTD

On the weekends when I'm running errands, I like to dress down and keep it very casual. Considering I'm in skirts/jumper dresses all week, when it comes to the weekend, the converses and baggy jumpers are in full swing. My favourite combo at the moment is leather look leggings, a jumper that covers my butt, teamed up with a biker leather jacket and of course trainers! 

When in Paris | Angelina

When in Paris, I love popping into Angelina which is famously known for their hot chocolate (chocolate chaud). The first time I visited Angelina...

Dinner in Paris | OOTN

You may remember this very same outfit here. Yes that's right. Same outfit, just a different look. It's amazing how you can change an outfit with a few tweaks here and there. Paris in January, is cold! I've been before in December and this time I actually felt like I was going to freeze and turn into Princess Elsa from Frozen. I teamed up my Miss Guided Crochet Playsuit with a pair of tights with a lighter denier so there's not too much, or too less leg out. My Aldo Thigh High Suede Boots which have a slight heel (5cm) and my Whistles Clutch Bag. As I was in Paris, it was only right I wore a red lip and also to break the outfit a little...

Mini Sephora Haul | Paris

Last week I was in Paris and of course Sephora was on the agenda as always! I didn't go crazy but I bought a few things as a little January treat...

My Laser Story | 1 - 3 Sessions

Last year October I decided to take the plunge and begin laser treatment because let's face it, shaving, waxing and ingrown hairs are just every girl's nightmare right? This is a very TMI post (too much information) but I hope it helps all you girls (and men if you're reading) out there. 

LVL Before & After | Lash Transformations

For those of you new to my blog or to this LVL post, or even LVL in general! LVL stands for Lift, Volume & Length and is personally my favourite lash treatment ever.

LVL lifts lashes (sort of like a lash perm) from the roots, enhancing natural lashes and giving them a slight curl. Always remember this isn't a curling treatment, this is a lifting treatment so if your lashes are straight or curly, you can get this done!

NYX | Mini Makeup Haul

NYX has been around in the UK for a while now. When I think of NYX, I think of it as an affordable MAC available on the high street. The quality of products are incredibly good for the price point and also, I feel like you end up buying things you don't necessarily need but end up becoming staple products in your makeup bag!

Sunday Night Nail Routine

Although it's not Sunday today, unfortunately it's the day before we go back to work and that means one thing. Nails. I'm a bit of a nail junkie, and tend to paint my nails two or three times a week. I know, it sounds a lot but there's nothing I hate more than when my nails are chipped. A clean mani just makes you feel put together...

Introducing LVL London

Happy New Year!

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