Beauty Products to Carry on a Cabin Bag Only Flight

When it comes to packing your beauty products for a weekend away, I admit it stresses me out just thinking about the 100ml liquid rule & plastic clear bag. Not forgetting those weird Google Search terms you type in 'Is eyebrow gel considered a liquid?'. I hope this post helps inspire you when deciding what beauty products to take with you when catching a flight with only one cabin bag....


When it comes to makeup, I stick to the following as they are the bare basics on what I wear on a daily basis. 
*products considered a liquid

*Primer: MAC Cosmetics: Skin Base Visage
*Foundation: MAC Cosmetics NC30
*Concealer: MAC Cosmetics NC30
*Brows: Anastasia Dip Pomade in Medium Brown (& brush)
 Powder: MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime
 Palette: Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Face Palette (includes eyeshadow, bronzer blush &  highlighter)
 Pencil Eyeliner: Barry M Cosmetics (WP)
*Lips: MAC Cosmetics Velvet Teddy / Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick
*Mascara: Rimmel London Day 2 Night

I also like to carry the following brushes:

Powder Brush: Real Techniques
Contour Brush: Charlotte Tilbury
Blush/Highlight Brush: Real Techniques 'Contour' Brush

Other Liquid Products I Carry:

*Argan Oil (Hair Oil)
*Coconut Oil (Makeup remover)
*Face Wash 
*Tooth Paste

So everything has to fit into a clear plastic bag which measures 20cm by 20cm. (These are available at the airport). So I advise you to prioritise your makeup/expensive liquids which are under 100ml in a clear bag, and honestly you can fit a lot in there! And then buy your shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and body wash from the local Boots at the airport! You can buy the miniatures so you can use them up, and won't have to worry about bringing them back (unless you have space in your bag).

Remember, powders are not considered as a liquid. So if you use a powder foundation, you'll have more space for other liquids! Always ensure your products are 100ml or less, and buy empty plastic bottles from Boots if they are over 100ml so you don't risk losing them at security!

I hope this helped!

Sabi x

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