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Visiting Iceland has always been one on the bucket list. Earlier this year my sister and I decided to take a short trip to Keflavik, a small town in Reykjavik and stayed at the most luxurious hotel in Iceland, The Silica Hotel at The Blue Lagoon...

The Silica Hotel is based in Grindavik and takes around 30 minutes, from Keflavik airport. A little bit on the spenny side, it cost us around £50 (£25 each) however Iceland in general is a very expensive country. We arrived at our beautiful hotel which is located a 5 minute walk away from the famous Blue Lagoon. Surrounded by moss covered in snow, the views are incredible inside the hotel, restaurant and the rooms. The room itself was oh so Pinterest with an amazing view, great decor and the bathroom was spacious with a great walk-in shower fully equipped with the infamous Blue Lagoon Shampoo & Conditioner. 

The perks of staying at The Silica Hotel are that you have unlimited access to the hotel's Lagoon from 8am-10pm. If you're wondering what they're like...don't worry I'll get there! But then you also get one premium admission to The Blue Lagoon which gives you access to the lagoon, flip flops, a robe, a towel, one free drink at the Lagoon's water bar and also a reservation at The Lava Restaurant in the Blue Lagoon.

So if you're unsure what The Blue Lagoon is, that's totally fine. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, and is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland and possible the world. The spa is located in a lava field (not hot lava, don't worry!) where a volcano erupted over 800 years ago (don't quote me on that number). 

The water is so warm, almost hot at first when you dip your feet in and is full of minerals like silica which is great for helping people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis (honestly made my skin so smooth!!). The only one thing I would say is tie your hair up or make sure you pile on the conditioner before going in the lagoon as the water does dry your hair out and makes it very hard and horrible (I had to wash my hair out a good 3 times afterwards to get it back to normal). One of the great things The Blue Lagoon is known for, is their treatment! You can stroll down the lagoon to a spot where you have people with bowls of silica mud masks which you can apply to your face. There's also a bar located in the lagoon where you can purchase drinks (wine, smoothies, soft drink or slush). You don't need to take any cash with you inside the lagoon, you simply scan the wristband they give you when you enter and once you finish up and leave, you just have to pay for your extras. Oh, you can also purchase a waterproof phone case there too and sunglasses if you forget to take yours!

There isn't much around the Blue Lagoon area, so if you're looking to dine, either check out the Lava Restaurant as it has AMAZING views of the lagoon. Or check the menu at The Silica Hotel as they have a few options for dinner. Just bear in mind, it's Iceland, it's expensive but it's one of those things you have to tick off your bucket list as it's worth every penny!

We headed out on our last night to see the Northern Lights which wasn't great but wasn't a total disappointment as we did see one tiny strip after driving out for around 2 hours in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty cloudy when we got there, had we got there the week before we would have seen a right show but it's just one of those things you can't really plan as it depends on the weather.

If you are travelling to The Blue Lagoon, here are some top tips:

- Do take your phone! You can purchase a waterproof case at the Blue Lagoon
- Go premium! It's cold, you're gonna need a gown when going from the shower room to the Blue Lagoon.
- Make a reservation at the Lava Restaurant, and walk around upstairs to get some great photos.
- Condition your hair before and after 
- Don't buy any products from the shop, you can purchase Blue Lagoon products from the airport for slightly cheaper.

Sabi x

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