The Facial Everyone's Talking About | Environ

When it comes to facials and skincare, I’m not the greatest as I’ve only ever had (now) 2 facials in my lifetime, and have a very basic skin regime. I’ve been eating a lot cleaner than ever before and working out 3 times a week, so I decided it was time to start looking after my skin more! During my teenage years I was really lucky and never really suffered from spots or acne, however last year I suffered a real breakout on my cheeks which caused scarring. It was a trial & error process, but I eventually found a herbal face wash & cream which helped get rid of any new spots, however the damage from the previous spots were still there!  After a lot of research on the different types of facials available (and trust me there are so many) I came across the Environ Facial. Environ is a globally recognised professional skincare brand which specialises in products which contain the vitamins your skin needs, most importantly Vitamin A which is the key ingredient to help blemishes, acne and scars. So after booking an appointment, yesterday I attended my Eviron Purifying Facial at the Luxurious Beauty Boutique which is located in Woodford, Essex

Changing Bad Habits | Lifestyle Changes

How many times have you said to yourself, you're going to start going to the gym more & will drink more water? Now how many times have you actually stuck by your words? I was definitely one of those I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow but when tomorrow came, I would make up the stupidest excuse to myself and end up not going to gym, not drinking the recommended amount of water and say the same thing again I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow...

Bicester Village | Shopping & Eating

Last weekend I took a trip to Bicester Village in Oxford for a little shopping trip with my sister. I went to take advantage of the 20% discount week they had going on, and also it was payday and it's my birthday month, so why not?
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