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When it comes to facials and skincare, I’m not the greatest as I’ve only ever had (now) 2 facials in my lifetime, and have a very basic skin regime. I’ve been eating a lot cleaner than ever before and working out 3 times a week, so I decided it was time to start looking after my skin more! During my teenage years I was really lucky and never really suffered from spots or acne, however last year I suffered a real breakout on my cheeks which caused scarring. It was a trial & error process, but I eventually found a herbal face wash & cream which helped get rid of any new spots, however the damage from the previous spots were still there!  After a lot of research on the different types of facials available (and trust me there are so many) I came across the Environ Facial. Environ is a globally recognised professional skincare brand which specialises in products which contain the vitamins your skin needs, most importantly Vitamin A which is the key ingredient to help blemishes, acne and scars. So after booking an appointment, yesterday I attended my Eviron Purifying Facial at the Luxurious Beauty Boutique which is located in Woodford, Essex

The type of Environ facial I got was the Environ Purifying treatment which is a treatment created to purify, micro-exfoliate and re-hydrate your skin. This treatment is great for acne, scarring and deep skin congestion which is something I felt I had. This facial lasted 45 minutes and consisted of my therapist (Gintare) applying different products on my skin, followed by a mask which was connected to this machine so it could ensure the vitamins were penetrating into the skin. 

The benefits of this vary, as it's dependant on which Environ facial you get. As I mentioned there are many different types available; Active Vitamin Treatment, Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment, Hydra Boost, Precision & of course the Purifying treatment. General benefits are; 

- Restores elasticity and tone skin

- Helps pigmentation
- Increases the healing of acne
- Reduces pore size 
- Increase collagen
- Improves health of skin
- Heals irritated skin
- Strengthens skin

After I had my facial, my skin felt like a baby's butt! My skin felt so soft, looked dewy and a lot brighter. I never wore makeup after my facial, as I wanted to let my skin breath. Today I applied my makeup as normal for work and I kid you not, my makeup looked amazing *blows trumpet*. My makeup actually sat well for once on my skin, never slid of during the day, and also just looked very glowy. At the end of my facial, Gintare gave me a breakdown of every product she used and recommended for my skin, as you can purchase the Environ range from the salon as they aren't available to buy in-stores and online, only through selected salons.

Environ facials are recommended every month, however they are pricey so it may be one for when you have a holiday or special occasion, or something you treat yourself to, every now and then. My Purifying Environ facial cost £40 at the Luxurious Beauty Boutique and they were great! The salon was super nice, the staff were so friendly and made me feel really welcome and I would definitely go back to them in a few months for another Environ facial!

Sabi x

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