Jessica Nails Custom Colour | Cheeky

There's nothing I love more than a pastel nude polish on the nails, and I think I have finally found the perfect one...
Jessica Nails Custom Colour* polish in shade Cheeky is officially my favourite polish. It's the perfect balance of a white and pastel pink polish in one. It's retailed at £11 a bottle and available here.

With any light polish, the pigments will always separate after a couple of days, it's just the way it is. Also if you're wondering how I know this, I learnt this on my internship at Rimmel when I was working on nails. However I have been raving about the perfect two top coats I use religiously which are the Jessica Nails Top Priority and Brilliance Top Coat. First you apply Top Priority followed by a coat of Brilliance and I kid you not, your manicure will last a lot longer! 

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