Glam Glow Bubble Sheet Mask | Review

I absolutely love sheet masks and am forever trying new ones all the time. I tend to use a sheet mask once a week and incorporate it in my skincare routine as I think our skin always needs a deep clean every now and then.

I recently tried the Glam Glow Bubble Sheet Mask  which was actually a freebie I received with an order I placed, but is available from Boots for £6 if you'd like to try it out... 

The Glam Glow Bubble Mask is a deep cleansing sheet mask which should be used weekly.
It's infused with Green Tea which is great for your skin as it's an antioxidant as well as bamboo charcoal. Charcoal is a great ingredient in any product because it draws away dirt from your skin, kind of like a magnet!

So the USP of this mask is that it bubbles. Yep. Bubbles bubbles bubbles (if you've watched Finding Nemo, you know) and of course detoxifies your skin to give you glowing and deeply purified skin in just three minutes. It can even remove any excess makeup! 

Does it work? Absolutely. It does deep cleanse your skin and it does make huge bubbles on your face which is all part of the fun. 

Sheet masks are generally priced around £6 so I don't think it's that expensive and also it does deep cleanse your skin a lot more than others I've used for the same price. Plus, the brand Glam Glow is amazing and definitely not for budget buyers but nevertheless this is certainly something affordable for everyone to try!


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