The Best Sheet Mask Ever? | Charlotte Tilbury

If you’ve been reading my blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I absolutely love sheet masks. One particular sheet mask I am forever using is the Instant Magic Facial Sheet Mask by Charlotte Tilbury...

Unlike other sheet masks this one is completely dry! Yes you read right. Once you apply and take it off you’re not left with that greasy, moist (I hate that word) feeling. That’s the unique thing about this mask.

The mask helps to hydrate, smooth, brighten and minimize pores and overall give you a healthy glow. It’s recommended that you keep the mask on for 15 minutes although I tend to use it between 10-15 minutes each time I use it because it can actually be used up to three time. However, I tend to use it  maximum of four times.

If you’re wondering if this is suitable for sensitive skin, yes! My skin is sensitive and I suffer from the odd breakout here and there and it’s absolutely fine. I only use this on freshly washed and cleansed skin, before I apply toner and moisturiser.

I honestly swear by this mask especially if you’re going out or have a big event the next day, this mask makes your makeup look instantly 10 x better!

It can seem expensive at £18 a pack, however I cannot stress enough that you can use it up to three times so it’s £6 per use really and that’s the same price you pay for just 1 sheet mask from most stores.

It’s also available in a four pack for £60 and is available from Charlotte Tilbury, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique & Selfridges.

I give this sheet mask a solid 9 out of 10.

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