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#OOTD: Dubai Look Book | Night #4

Outfit details:

#OOTD: Dubai Look Book | Mom Jeans #2

Outfit details:

#OOTD: Dubai Look Book | Night #3

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#OOTD: Dubai Look Book | Mom Jeans #1

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#OOTD: Dubai Look Book | Night #2

Outfit details:

#OOTD: Dubai Look Book | Night #1

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Huda Beauty's Easy Bake Powder | Review

It’s been a while hasn’t it? But, I’m back!

I bit the bullet after years of wanting to try the Ben NYE Banana Powder, and recently purchased the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder from Selfridges (see a full list of online/retailers at the end of the blog post) in the shade ‘Blondie’...

Cosy Jumpers for Winter | OOTD

The Classic Chanel Espadrilles

Summer may nearly be over however I'm not packing away my Chanel Espadrilles just yet...

Summer Work | OOTD

Indian Wedding Season | OOTD

The Zara Blouse I'm Obsessed With | OOTD

When it comes to fashion, the most important thing to me is comfort. For work I’m quite lucky as I don’t have a super formal dress code, and can get away with wearing ripped jeans and trainers which is great!

Huda Beauty Primer | Review

Whenever I wear foundation, I always wear a primer! The purpose of a primer is to give you an even finish, smooth out any lines/creases, minimise the appearance of pores and of course allow your makeup to last much longer. I've tried them all...

What's On My Nails | Summer Edition

Lots of people know I don't go too crazy with colour on my nails because I really like when my nails compliment my outfits. Nails are like the finishing touch to any outfit so it's always good to go for a colour that works with any colour palette e.g. light pinks, reds, corals, burgundy and so on...

Crazy Bear Nights | OOTN

Crazy Bear is definitely one to check out or stay at, if you're around the Beaconsfield area this summer...

LVL Before & After | Lash Transformations 4

LVL Lashes Before & After (Medium Shield)

LVL Lashes Before & After (Medium Shield)

Sabi x

Gig Night | OOTN

When it comes to picking an outfit for a music gig, it's always a tricky one as the dress code is so open, you can either go full on glam or full on casual...

Blue Lagoon | Iceland

Visiting Iceland has always been one on the bucket list. Earlier this year my sister and I decided to take a short trip to Keflavik, a small town in Reykjavik and stayed at the most luxurious hotel in Iceland, The Silica Hotel at The Blue Lagoon...

L'Oreal True Match Foundation | Review

Finding the right foundation shade when you're Indian is a right nightmare! Each time I've visited a makeup counter to get colour matched to a foundation, it's either been too dark or too pale. I've always been a MAC/Giorgio Armani girl when it comes to foundation and I tend to steer away from high street makeup brands because they don't tend to have a variety of shades to choose from. So, I was intrigued to try L'Oreal's True Match Foundation as they now have 23 shades to choose from and also I hear it's very similar to Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation and I'll guess you'll have to continue reading if you want to know if it is, or not...

Real Techniques Bold Metals | Review

I recently picked up two new additions to my makeup brush collection as I've been wanting the Real Techniques Bold Metals since they came out almost what, around a year ago? I had saved around £40 worth of Boots advantage points and the brushes were on a promotion buy one get one half price so I just had to pick them up as all the signs were there!

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