Anastasia Beverly Hills | Contout Kit

This product may be old but is one of the holy grails of beauty. It's none other than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette. I got mine from Net-a-Porter for £39 which is a bargain if you think about it as you get 3 highlighters and 3 contour shades. Ok maybe I'm just trying to justify it to myself, it is expensive however it's worth every single penny although I do wish they sold the powders separately so you could create your own palette. If you're reading Anastasia - that's an idea for ya!

The palette consists of 3 powder highlighters and 3 powder contours. There's pretty much a shade for every skin tone which is the most important factor. The formula is matte when applied but have a satin feel when I used my finger to swatch them. I've had this for around 2/3 months now and have been using this everyday as I cannot go a day without contouring! I've pretty much used the same three shades everyday; vanilla for highlighting and a mix of Fawn & Havana for my contour. I like to mix the both for everyday to give me a natural contour but if I'm going out in the evening I like to use Havana on it's own.

I think the palette is great if you know how to contour and you're really into it, but I don't find it great for beginners as it can be quite overwhelming. I've also noticed less is more with this, as it's not super pigmented so you can build your contour up. I hate when you apply too much product and then you're trying to blend the shit out of it lol, it ain't happening girl! I also like to use this sometimes on my lower lash line when I'm going for a smoky eye look as gives you a nice smokey yet subtle look.

P.s - the shade banana is a great dupe for the Ben NYE Banana Powder which Kimmy K uses to 'bake' her face. Wondering what Bake means? Check out Huda Beauty's post here.

Hope you've enjoyed this 'short' and quick post!
Let me know if you've purchased this or if it's on your list as I'll be happy to advise you!

Sabi x

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