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Lip & Cheek Smudge: Sonic
Left: Rio Rio | Right: Beguiled
Rio Rio
We all know Topshop* for their amazing on-trend clothes and of course their Leigh jeans which I purchase way too many times a month because I am obsessed! However did you know Topshop's beauty range has been around for 5 years?! Nope neither did I, I remember talking about one of their lipsticks in the shade Whimsical over 3 years ago when I started getting into blogging so I was really interested to see how their makeup and lipsticks in particular have developed over the years.

My instant 'add to basket' was their Contour in Swerve which is actually my first ever cream/powder contour product (usually I'll just use a darker foundation/powder) and holy mother of contour, it's pretty obvious why every beauty blogger I follow on Twitter has been talking about this! This is a cream to powder contour it applies and feels like cream however it sets like powder. It's blendable and literally don't let the dark brown colour fool you as it's the perfect colour for most skin tones however it does come in a lighter shade for my pale skin readers. It's currently sold out online but if you pop in-store and manage to find one, I highly recommend you get it especially as it's only around £8.

I also picked up their fairly new Lip and Cheek Smudge in Sonic which is what I was wearing in one of my last Instagram posts. Now I frickin' love this product and wish they had a wider selection of colours. So it's not a lipstick, nor a chubby stick but whatever the technical name is, I LOVE THIS. It's a long lasting lip stain which dries to a matte finish but not a horrible one. One side consists of the colour and the other has a brush which allows you to apply it as a blush. I love the pop of colour on the lips however I'm a little unsure about using this on the cheeks.

I'm a sucker for eye pencils, so I just had to try Topshop's Waterproof Eyeliner in Ebony which is a fairly good eyeliner overall. I'm yet to test the longevity on this one!

Back to the lips! Love a good lipstick, I do. As it's Topshops 5th Birthday this year, I purchased two from the 5 Years of Beauty range which is basically their best-selling hero lip shades; Rio Rio (bright red with orange undertones) & Beguiled (dark red/wine). I've been a huge fan of matte lips this year and these lipsticks are perfect as they are pigmented matte lipsticks but offer a soft matte finish so they're not super drying. I wore these each for a couple of hours and my lips were comfortable and the colour didn't really wear off straight away which is always a plus. I think it's one of those things, there's no lipstick out there that will last forever. I love how vibrant and pigmented the colours are, definitely rocking Rio Rio this summer and keeping Beguiled for the A/W 15.

I also picked up some EyeLure Lashes and a StarGazer sharpener as mine broke the other day wahh. Overall I think Topshop's beauty range is a hidden gem that doesn't get enough attention in the world of beauty. I think the price is pretty affordable as it's similar to drug store brands. I'm off to contour my face now with Swerve...stay tuned for a post on this bad boy.

Sabi x

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  1. Rio Rio and Beguiled are stunning shades, plus Topshop should keep the rose gold packaging, it's so pretty!


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