Balayage | Before / After

Left: Me Right: my Sister

I have never coloured my hair before, not even highlights or to get rid of those random strands of grey hairs that pop up. I've always had a random weird hair colour which is different shades of brown, but after seeing lots of pictures of balayage, I was keen to get my hair done.

If you follow me on Instagram, last week you would of seen my post where I announced I was going if! I went down to Sean Hanna in Putney and got a tone lighter than my natural colour not using any hair dye but a hair oil toner instead.If you're wondering what exactly is balayage, it's basically when you can't see where the colour ends of begins as it's blended in so naturally and beautifully! I picked up a couple of tricks from the hair colourist (check me out on Instagram for my hair colourist's details!) which were:

  • To keep hair curls/waves, simply spray your hair brush with hairspray and then brush though.
  • Always wash your hair twice in the same wash
Are you a balayage kind of girl or ombre?

Sabi x


  1. Neither, I just hi lift my hair, I have tons of natural highlights in my hair so it's easy to just lighten it, and let my hair highlight itself! Just make sure you use sulfate free shampoos and not to put shampoo on your ends! gotta protect them even more now that you lighten them!

  2. Gorgeous hair! I need to refresh my balayage x

  3. Your hair looks so so gorgeous, I'm jealous! I'd love something like this doing to my hair but a but lighter! X

  4. Your hair looks amazing! I've been wanting to try balayage for a while! I think I need to just take the plunge:)


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