Balayage | Before & After

Last year October, I dyed my hair for the very first time! My natural hair colour has always been in between dark brown and light brown, and last year I got balayage done from Sean Hanna in Putney. It was very very subtle which is what I wanted, however in the sunlight it was more obvious it had been coloured. If you'd like to see how it looked, click here. Within a few months, the colour had blended out and was no longer obvious.

Last week I took the plunge and thought let's just do it, I fancied a bit of a change and decided to go full on balayage. The same guy who did my hair the first time did my hair again, he's amazing at free-hand painting, you can check out his Instagram here. The below picture was my inspiration, which is an image from his IG, and he literally replicated the style and used similar colours but for my hair tone.

It is very *blonde/light, light, light, super light brown* and hard to get used to as my hair has never been this light before, however I'm in love with it and he's done such a great job. I tend to keep my hair straight most days as it's just easier to manage, whereas when waving/curling it on a daily basis, there's a possibility it can go wrong and we all know a bad hair day, is a bad day, period. Back to my point... it looks just as good as it does curly, and the colours also look very well blended.

If you're looking to balayage your hair this summer, the best tips I can give you is to look for inspiration on Pinterest, go somewhere trusted, talk to your hair colourist and tell them what exactly you want and don't want. They will be honest and tell you if it's achievable or not and remember not every balayage will look the same as it's a technique and depends on your hair colour, texture and also just the style you want to rock.

Sabi x

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