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When it comes to skincare, I admit I’m not the best at looking after my skin. I probably invest more on makeup than skin products, which I know defeats the object, as if I looked after my skin more, I wouldn’t really need to wear a lot of makeup/buy a lot. The skincare market can be so complicated with so many different brands, so I was delighted when John Lewis* sent me some skincare products to try out from different niche but popular brands such as This Works, NUXE, Caudalie, Radial and Balance Me, which I have been testing out for 2 weeks as I find new skincare products can take a while to adjust to your skin.

I have heard a lot about This Works, which is a natural and organic brand sold by John Lewis. I have been using their well-known Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which is a spray infused with essential oils of lavender which helps you relax and gives you a better sleep. I love using this as you also wake up feeling really refreshed and less tired. Another product from This Works I have been trying is The In Transit Camera Close Up primer/cream which has been nice to use as it contains all natural ingredients unlike other primers which can be quite harsh on the skin and clog pores. It gave me a nice glow, and brightened my skin as it contains Argan and starflower oils with a hint of caffeine. My skin is quite dry so it was nice to use this as I felt likemy skin was more hydrated after.

Caudalie is another brand that is quite popular, and of course it’s a French skincare brand and we all know the French have amazing skincare products! I’ve been using the Organic Grape Water Mist and BeautyElixr Mist which both tone and moisturise the skin which are both great for either before makeup or during the day. I quite like applying the Grape Water Mist before makeup, and the Elixr Mist during the day when I feel my skin needs a little pick me up. They both feel so natural and refreshing on the skin.

Nuxe is a brand I’ve been dying to try, especially for their lip balm! So I was so happy when I received this. The Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm is amazing as it’s a honey based lip balm which feels like velvet on the lips! I have been applying this every day before applying lipstick and I find the colour just stays on for so much longer and hydrates my lips. From Nuxe I’ve also been trying out their Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals and we all know Micellar products are the best for removing makeup! The product left my skin feeling fresh and soft and smells lovely!

Rodial is a brand I have never heard of before, however my mum did know about the amazing SPF 30 Bee Venom Day Cream which was interesting! This is probably the best day cream I’ve used so far, although it is very pricey! However I always think it’s better to invest more in your skin care than makeup, which is something I have been doing with my face masks. The cream is a daily moisturiser which brightens the skin and also re-densifies the skin’s appearance but also helps with wrinkles and imperfections. My mum actually saw this product mentioned on ITV’s This Morning! The Exfoliating Glyconic Cleanser is another product I’ve been using on dark patches on my skin such as elbows just to really brighten them up as it cleanses and purifies pores to help them go back to their natural appearance. I do really want to try using this on my face, however I have been giving it a break after using all of the above!

Last but not least is The Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser from Balance Me which again contains natural ingredients such as vitamins and butters. It’s a non-water based creamy cleanser, something different to what I normally use and is good for all skin types. I’ve not found a huge difference in results but it certainly does clean the skin!

I certainly didn’t realise John Lewis sold all of these niche skin care brands, and the thing I really like is that they are all natural and very prestige. After trying out all of these products, it’s definitely encouraged me to improve my skin care routine!

Let me know if you have tried any of the brands/products above!

Sabi x

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