Sunday Night Nail Routine

Although it's not Sunday today, unfortunately it's the day before we go back to work and that means one thing. Nails. I'm a bit of a nail junkie, and tend to paint my nails two or three times a week. I know, it sounds a lot but there's nothing I hate more than when my nails are chipped. A clean mani just makes you feel put together...

Once a week (on a Sunday) I like to go all out and ensure I'm giving my cuticles a little TLC with Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab* to ensure my cuticles are nourished and pushed back. I've been using this stuff for a year now and I love it. I did used the OPI cuticle oil which comes in a similar tube, however the Sally one is much better.

I then apply a coat of OPI's Nail Envy Nail Strengthener* which is hands down, the best. I usually use the original Nail Envy, however they have other ones which are for your specific nail type e.g. weak, thin etc. 

It all seems like a lot of maintenance for your nails, but I think we often forget we need to ensure were doing the care basics before applying colour. It's a bit like makeup, we need to ensure the skin is taken care off so the makeup sits nicely on your skin. 

I then use this little nail polish holder thing (does anyone know what the official name is?) to hold my nail polish whilst painting. Seriously guys, you need to get one from Ebay or Amazon. Best. Thing. Ever. The colour I'm using today is a newbie from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure* range in Society Ruler which has just come out. It's the perfect burgundy red. It actually looks a little darker in person, but in the light can look very red.

Sundays are perfect for having 'me time' and it's something we all need to do more often just to feel good. Stick on your gown, stick on a face mask and take some time out to do your nails so you feel put together for the week ahead!

Sabi x

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