Real Techniques Bold Metals | Review

I recently picked up two new additions to my makeup brush collection as I've been wanting the Real Techniques Bold Metals since they came out almost what, around a year ago? I had saved around £40 worth of Boots advantage points and the brushes were on a promotion buy one get one half price so I just had to pick them up as all the signs were there!

I've had my Real Techniques Powder brush for almost 4 years now believe it or not and it's still in perfect condition considering I wash my brush every week! Not a single bristle has come out *touch wood* therefore I know the quality I get from Real Techniques is worth it. Spending a little more on your brushes is worth it in the long run as not only will it make your makeup look better, they will last a long time whereas cheap brushes are good for a limited amount of time! Okay back to the subject...

I picked up the #100 Arched Powder Brush to replace my current powder brush and #300 Tapered Blush Brush to use for powder contour (I'm a powder contour girl, as I don't have the time for cream contouring). Firstly, they are stunning to look! Secondly I can't explain how soft they are, they have the softest bristles ever compared to all of my other makeup brushes! They're quite heavy for makeup brushes, which isn't what I was expecting. However the weight is heavier than usual to give you more control when using the brush. 

Overall I'm so happy with these two new additions, and if you are looking for a new powder or contour brush, or even a blush brush as the #300 Tapered Blush Brush is kinda a 2-1, then definitely check out the Bold Metals Range in Boots! 

Sabi x


  1. Oh I want these so bad! I've put myself on a major spending ban this year though haha! I may save up my points like you and treat myself. I love Real Techniques brushes and have tons in my collection and these are just so beautiful!

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

    1. Ha! So am I, definitely recommend saving points with Boots and then splurging on something you wouldn't necessarily buy, but also buying them when they're on promotion! X


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