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Whenever I wear foundation, I always wear a primer! The purpose of a primer is to give you an even finish, smooth out any lines/creases, minimise the appearance of pores and of course allow your makeup to last much longer. I've tried them all...
...from MAC to Smashbox, to high street brands; Maybelline, Rimmel etc. Some work for my skin, and some don't. The most common question asked is 'Does primer clog pores?" and the answer really is yes and no. It's always important to take into consideration what skin type you have, and most importantly what is in the ingredients. If you acne-prone or oily skin, then you need to know what your skin type can handle as a primer isn't only responsible for clogged pores so always bear this in mind.

Huda Beauty is the beauty guru, and I've been following her for years especially because she's suffered from acne before as so have I. So when she created her Faux Filter Foundation, her intention was to cater to a heavy foundation which can cover anything! I'm sure you've seen the videos of the foundation covering tatoos, acne scars and so on. Unfortunately I still can't get hold of shade! Meh! But, I did manage to pick up the Complexion Perfection Pre Makeup Base Primer which I found more exciting, as I LOVE testing primers.

The Formula?
You only need one pump which will give you more than enough for your entire face. The formula is cream based and almost reminds me of the Nivea face cream, but not as thick and greasy. However this primer is very moisturising which is what I really like. It almost works as a moisturiser and primer as your face is left very hydrated afterwards. Now it does contain Shea Bitter and Cera Alba which is Beeswax, which explains why it's so moisturising and that's honestly not a bad thing. 

The Scent?
It does have a perfume scent (Rose Hip Seed Oil) which doesn't bother me, but can be a make or break for some people. Also products with perfume tend to irritate peoples skin, so I would watch out for that however mine was absolutely fine and I've suffered from mild acne!

The Longevity?
Once I applied my foundation on top (MAC Studio Fix/Estee Lauder Double Wear), I kid you not my base looked incredible! All my pores had just disappeared into space, my skin looked a lot more flawless and smooth. It almost looked like airbrush makeup! Instantly I was like woah but for me a primer is all about the wear. If my makeup can stay on 8+ hours, I'm sold and that was the make or break for me. Does it last? Hell yes. I could apply my makeup at 7am and go out for dinner afterwards at 7pm and my foundation would still be in place! During the day I only top up a little translucent powder and that is it! Literally your makeup stays in place. Now that may be because I use a medium/full coverage foundation so always bear that in mind.

Where to Buy?
£27 from Cult Beauty.
I always like to emphasise that this works for me, and may not work for you. It's not a cheap primer, and I would advise popping into Harrods (if you're from the UK) or requesting a sample if they are available before buying.

Rating out of 10?

Glossaholic x 

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