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I’ve had very mild acne for the past two years and have tried so many different things these past 2 years. Now I’m no professional, nor do I suffer from really severe acne so can only speak about my own experience and what has helped me.  So if you do suffer from severe acne, please advise professional medical help…

I have had mild acne for the past two years now and it’s one of those things that doesn’t go away forever, but there are things you can do to help. I’ve been prescribed a doctors cream which has helped massively, and have changed my diet A LOT which plays a big part (dairy, I’m looking at you). The scarring unfortunately take a long time to go but there are things you can do to help!

Now I’ve been increasing the amount of fruit & veg I eat, as well as giving up milk which is awful for acne, and of course upping the amount of water I have. I’ve also been doing my research and found out that the ingredient Rose Seed Hip Oil is amazing for helping reduce the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and reduces the scars and blemishes caused by acne!

I had heard a lot about the brand Deciem and quite liked that they don’t really do the whole marketing thing with their products, instead they about their ingredients and what it does. Now I don’t have a clue when it comes to science talk but after re-searching the product, and reading the reviews I had to try it.
I apply one drop of The Ordinary 100% Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil on around 3 times a week, at night time to my no makeup, no moisturiser face. I let it soak in all night to work it’s magic, wakeup in the morning and wash my face.
I’ve been using the product for around a month now, and have noticed my scarring isn’t as obvious as before, and my skin is a lot more hydrated which is something it lacked. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all and just makes it look a little healthier than usual. Plus, when I do apply foundation, my skin looks so much more plump!

The only thing in this product is: Rosa Canina Seed Oil which is why I love it, there’s no added sh*t in it! I got mine from Cult Beauty for £9 which is so affordable, unfortunately it's always sold out so do join the waiting list as when it's back in stock you can bag it asap!


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