The Cafe You Need To Visit | Elan Cafe

It’s officially my new favourite spot for tea & desserts. Oh yes I’m talking about Elan CafĂ©…

Note - this isn't the Oreo Cheesecake =)

With beautiful flower walls, cakes and tea options, this is THE place to be. Even if you have specific dietary requirements; gluten free, soya, dairy free, vegan, the list goes on. They will cater to you! My favourite cake is the Oreo Cheesecake and their iced coffee.

There are 2 Elan Cafes in London, one on Brompton Road & one on Park Lane, just opposite the Dorchester hotel. If you are hitting up Elan Cafe on the weekend, just be prepared to queue for at least 45-60 minutes as it does get really busy. But I promise you, it’s definitely worth it plus you can totally nail that #InstaBait Instagram selfie.


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