The Classic Chanel Espadrilles

Summer may nearly be over however I'm not packing away my Chanel Espadrilles just yet...

The classic Chanel Espadrilles are such a classic pair of casual shoes you need in your shoe closet. They are super comfortable as long as you wear a pair of those cotton footsies as your feet can get a little sweaty in them. 

They are so versatile, they can go with a cute pair of jeans in the summer to a pair of leggings and basic top for a cute airport outfit. 

Now I'm not gonna lie, they are very expensive for a shoe that will wear. I have scuffed mine ever so slightly on the right foot (not that you would be able to tell in the picture above) so you do need to be very careful where you wear them.

If you are thinking of purchasing the cream and black, make sure you ring up ahead of your shopping trip as they are extremely popular and aren't always in stock. I had to pop into around 4 Chanel stores and concession stores to find my pair, and they were the last ones in stock. But I mean, I was all in for the Chanel experience in all four stores - the customer service is UNREAL (in a good way of course).

If you're thinking of making a purchase and have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 

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