Huda Beauty's Easy Bake Powder | Review

It’s been a while hasn’t it? But, I’m back!

I bit the bullet after years of wanting to try the Ben NYE Banana Powder, and recently purchased the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder from Selfridges (see a full list of online/retailers at the end of the blog post) in the shade ‘Blondie’...

What is Baking?
So for those who don’t know what ‘Baking’ is when it comes to makeup terminology, baking is actually a term that’s been used in the drag community for years.  It’s a technique of applying powder to ‘sit’ on your face for five to 10 minutes. This allows the heat from your face to set your foundation/concealer properly before dusting it off your face, leaving you with a flawless and crease-less finish.  Think of it as oil control…

Which Shade?
I got the shade ‘Blondie’ which is suitable for light, medium and tan skin tones. So you’re probably thinking wait isn’t this just for everyone?  Yes it is however for people with yellow/golden undertones this particular shade will brighten your skin. Whilst those with pink undertones, it will help disguise dark under eyes. If you’re unsure, I’d advise to go for Sugar Cookie which is translucent but I personally prefer coloured ‘baking’ powder.

Visit Huda’s Beauty Blog here to see swatches to understand which shade is best for you. 

Was it Worth It?
Hell yes. My makeup lasted from 3pm – 4.30am (it was a late night) and it almost hurt to remove my makeup at the end of the night because my skin was flawless! It’s great for selfies too…oh yes.

Pros & Cons?
  • Pros: Great coverage, flawless finish, little product goes a long way & easy to use.
  • Cons: It can get a little messy… but then again doesn’t all loose powder?!

Where Can I Purchase Easy Bake Loose Powder in the UK?
The Easy Bake Powder is £28 and is available from:

How to Apply Easy Bake?
Check out Huda’s tutorial here on How to Bake Your Face Like a Pro.

Glossaholic x

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