Off The Shoulder Culotte Jumpsuit | Fashion

When it comes to summer, fast fashion is always my go-to because they have wearable pieces for the summer at a low cost...
Boohoo is always my go-to when the weather gets warmer or whenever I have a holiday coming up.

I actually purchased this off the shoulder culotte jumpsuit last summer in both Navy and Stone. It's flattering, comfortable, fits perfectly, affordable, comes with adjustable straps and can be worn either day or night.

Culotte jumpsuits are literally my favourite during the summer months as I'm all about comfort as you can see from my picture above wearing my beloved Air Forces...

I have actually worn this before for a night out with heels and a cute black blazer and honestly it looks like two different outfits!

The jumpsuit is currently on sale for £18 from Boohoo.

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