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I love exfoliating and think it's a common step that often gets forgotten in your beauty routine...
What is Spongellé?

Spongellé is a 'Los Angeles based company specialising in innovative delivery systems for the personal care & consumer products industry'. They basically sell infused body buffers which not only exfoliate but, cleanse and moisturise the skin. Each 'flower' or 'spongette' whatever you want to call it, has a different scent and is available in different sizes. For example the 'Wild Flowers' will give you around 14 + uses whereas the Travel Sized 'Spongettes' will give you around 5+. 

How to use Spongellé?

You simply place the sponge under water, squeeze it to absorb the water and then start exfoliating your body/feet. The sponge is infused with body wash, I repeat you don't need any body wash. Once you're finished, you simply squeeze out the excess water and leave it on the shelf or if you have a 'wild flower' or 'mens super buffer' you can simply hang it up.


Now I'm already in love with the wild flowers which are for your body, however I recently tried the new Sugar Dahlia Pedi Buffer which is for your feet.

The buffer has a unique textured side that helps smooth out dry skin on your soles and another softer side formulated for your toes.

I'm really not into using a pumice stone as I find it too painful so have always relied on my pedicure treatments to smooth out any hard skin and give my feet a good exfoliate. However since I've been using the Spongellé Pedi Buffer, oh my god, life changing.

Fragrance Notes?

I love all the scents from Spongellé, there's not a single scent I don't like. Sugar Dahlias main fragrance notes include; citrus nuances, jasmine, freesia and musk.

Where to Buy Spongellé?

The Sugar Dahlia Pedi Buffer gives you around 30+ washes, is vegan and is available to buy here for £12.95.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions before buying!

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