Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation | Review

I think the moment your boyfriend compliments your foundation, you're onto a winning product.

I'm a big fan of Beauty Blender as a brand, and have been for years, I can't remember the last time I actually used a brush to apply my foundation. So soon as this launched I was so excited to get my hands on the Bounce Foundation, although it took me a few months, it was so worth the wait.
Trying a foundation by Beauty Blender only makes logical sense for someone who religiously uses a Beauty Blender Sponge. The foundation was specifically made for the use of a Beauty Blender Sponge however it can also be applied with a makeup brush or fingers, whichever your go-to applicator is.

The main things I look for in a foundation is coverage because I have faint marks from when I had mild acne and a buildable formula because I like to layer. I usually use MAC Studio Fix on a day to day basis as I love the coverage. I have previously also loved Estee Lauder Double Wear just to give you an idea of what kind of coverage I love (medium - full coverage).

Shade Range:

There are 40 shades to choose from however I will point out that there's not too many shades in between the medium - deep shade category. I got the shade 3.40W which is a warm shade and seems to match my natural colour however I will be purchasing 3.60W ahead of spring/summer.

Formula & Coverage:

Formula wise, it feels very light-weight. As you apply with a Beauty Blender Sponge, it doesn't soak into your sponge which is what I love about this. I tend to find applying other foundations with a Beauty Blender, they just soak into the sponge and you end up wasting a lot of product. Whereas with Bounce, it blends into your skin really well and doesn't show your pores.

Bounce Foundation definitely is a medium - full coverage foundation and is buildable which is what I love about this foundation. With other medium - full coverage foundations, the more you add, it begins to look quite cakey whereas you don't get this with Bounce.

Although Beauty Blender state it has a semi-matte finish, I would say it definitely has a velvet matte finish. You don't need to apply a setting powder with this foundation. You can still bake your face with this, however I wouldn't advise to leave your powder on for too long. I still use the Huda Beauty Easy Bake with this product.

I feel like this would work well on all skin types unless you have really dry skin as it does have a very matte finish.

2 pumps is enough for medium coverage and 3 pumps for full coverage.

I absolutely love the coverage, it looks great on skin, covers everything and works really well with my other products (primer, concealer & baking powder). 


The packaging is just genius. I love the frosted glass packaging although some people may not like it because you can't see the true colour. It has a little lock button to ensure it's safe to travel with. 

The best part? Not having to use the back of your hand to pump out foundation! The actual foundation allows you to simply pump out the foundation on the bottle which is so practical, especially if you tend to mix another product with your foundation like moisturiser or liquid highlighter as you can simply use it as a palette.


Not going to lie, it did come off a little bit on my forehead which never happens and also my t-zone area (which always happens) so I do think you're better off using this with a very good primer.

Retailers & Price:

Bounce Foundation is available on Cult Beauty and Selfridges and is £32 which is slightly more than my MAC foundation but is worth every penny.

Overall Review:

This is definitely my foundation of 2020 so far, I love it and it gets a solid 9/10 from me.

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