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Two years ago my skin was very different to how it is today. I was constantly breaking out in awful red spots all on my cheeks and chin area, one spot would go and another would form. I have to admit my skincare routine was non existent and my diet could have been a lot better, but these are all things you learn on the way. 

On the left is how my skin looked during my prescribed treatment and on the right is how my skin looked after. A lot more clearer, a few scars from acne but nothing major.  So here are all the steps I took in order to change my skin...

1. Booked a Doctor's Appointment. 

The internet was great at giving me tips on my skin and acne as a whole but I was still unsure if I had acne and the severity of it. I booked a doctors appointment, told him I think my hormones are imbalanced and he basically said you have mild adult acne and it's very common. He also said it wasn't that bad although to me it was the worst and that I should avoid taking any pills (Roaccutane). 

I was prescribed Differin which is an acne treatment for mild - moderate acne that either comes in a gel or cream formula, and is applied to the surface of the skin to help the skin renew itself. It basically speeds up the turnover of new skin cells. Differin also helps to unblock the pores and the glands that produce sebum which is essentially what causes breakouts.

I was applying Differin once a day in the evenings for around 3 months on just the areas where I had breakouts. I didn't notice anything until month 2 when it started to work and my skin was peeling. Peeling skin was perfectly normal and a very common side effect because Differin is a retinoid. 

Other side effects I faced was dry red skin, peeling skin, slight stinging and burning but it was never bad enough to stop applying it. I ended up taking Differin a lot longer than advised just because there was so much left and it was so good that I almost got addicted to it. My skin was getting better, the breakouts were reducing and my skins surface was so nice. I basically grew new skin. 

I stopped taking Differin after it finished and started to focus on other things which played an important role in keeping my skin healthy.

2. Avoided Milk.

Fun fact about me: as a baby / toddler, I used to go through gallons of milk. Yep. The demand for milk in my house was real. 

Milk contains hormones that can actually overstimulate oil glands in your skin and cause an overproduction of oil which causes your skin to break out. I was drinking so much milk throughout the course of the day from my morning cereal to a cheat Flake yogurt at lunchtime to a big mug of hot chocolate at night. When I look back at how much milk intake I was having it makes me feel sick. 

I had to switch from normal milk to an alternative milk like oat, almond and coconut and soon as I did this, oh my, did the spots stop! It's been around two or three years since I've stopped having milk and it's definitely helped me the most. Now don't get me wrong, avoiding dairy is incredibly hard especially when it comes to other types of foods, however my problem was just milk thankfully and not other things like butter, Greek yogurt etc. 

You're probably wondering why I haven't named soya milk and that's because I experienced the same problem as milk when I switched to soya. It was only until I did my research, I found out soya milk has similar nutrients to cows milk. Now you're also probably thinking do I know it comes from soybeans... yes. It does come from soybeans however commercially made soya milk has other sh*t in it which messes with your skin.

Same applies to ice-cream. There are so many different types available now if you do want to go dairy-free to help your skin, and they taste so good like normal ice-cream!

Improved my Diet.

I never just changed my milk intake. If you want good skin, you need to eat the right things and drink a lot more water. So improving my diet was another factor that helped my skin. 

I used to eat so much sh*t, have chocolate for breakfast, go through glasses of coke and enjoy lots of fast-food. I'm glad I enjoyed those years and had fun however now I'm a changed person. I started to eat more salad which was so rare for me years ago, eat more fruit especially berries which are great anti-oxidants, drink a lot more water and lemon & hot water which has amazing benefits for your skin.

I have this weird habit and obsession, anytime I eat something healthy I Google what the benefits are for my hair and skin and honestly it's taught me so much and has motivated me. Anytime you're thinking 'ew I don't want to eat something healthy' have a quick search on what it can do for your hair and skin and I bet you'll end up eating/drinking it.

Built a Skincare Routine.

My skin routine was non existent. I was all about makeup and covering my skin in any makeup product I could get my hands on and this was totally the wrong approach. Your makeup will only look as good as your skin does and it's all about a proper skincare routine.

I switched to a natural oil for removing my makeup, a natural cleanser which contains the ingredient 'Neem' which is great for combating spots, introduced toners and exfoliating products into my skincare routine as well as using regular face masks from DIY masks to charcoal masks. I also stopped using makeup wipes which are awful for your skin by the way and ensured I was properly washing my face every, single, night.

Started Getting Regular Facials.

If you've been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you'll know by now I have been getting regular Microdermabrasion facials to help reduce breakouts and unclog my pores and any congestion. The benefits for this type of facial are just the best as it helps reduce acne, blackheads, treats premature aging, dry skin, scarring as well as wrinkles. 

I only started getting facials once I had done all of the above as facials can only help so much. If you're eating crap, not sleeping well, not removing your makeup properly and not using the right skincare, a facial isn't going to help. It will help temporarily but you'd be wasting your money.

So before you book a course of facials, make a doctors appointment, improve your diet, drink lots of water, have lots of sleep and build a proper skincare routine. 


Other things you can do to help your skin:

- Regularly clean your phone
- Stop touching your face
- Wash your makeup brushes and makeup sponges more often
- Try natural products
- Drink green tea 
- Change your pillowcases more often or use silk pillowcases which help your hair too!

Please also note I suffered from mild adult acne, and if you do suffer from serious acne issues you need to book a doctors appointment immediately.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to advise based on my experience!

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