Update on the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation | Review

So you may remember my review on the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation, if not click here now. I said I would purchase the shade up because it was a little light and dull on me, and I actually ended up purchasing 3.50W which was a little risky without seeing it however...
it actually ended up being a really good match! Foundation colours are just hard to match your skin colour! I've literally tried so many from MAC and never have I found a good colour match, even mixing shades together has never worked for me.

Anyway. Update on the foundation is, 3.50W is a better match for me. One thing I also noticed and missed to include on the review was the packaging. If you follow me on Instagram (@glossaholic) you would have seen me trying to psychically break open my Bounce foundation. 

After a certain point, you'll notice the foundation pump system isn't the most practical. It's easy to think after a few weeks you've finished your entire pot of foundation as nothing pumps out. However from reading hundreds of reviews and the comments on Beauty Blender's Instagram posts, I noticed I wasn't the only one with the problem. The solution? You have to break the top part open so it basically never will close properly and you have to take a sweep out and pop it on the back of your hand or directly on your Beauty Blender. Really not practical especially for the amount you pay for the foundation, however I'll honestly say it's such a good foundation so you really have to just choose your battles on this one!

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