How Often Do Your Wash Your Beauty Blender?

We'll never forget that horrific video of a girl cutting open her Beauty Blender and finding little things crawling out, will we? Sorry to start with such a disgusting blast from the past but there's a lesson to be learnt. How often are you washing and replacing your Beauty Blender?

It's super important to wash your Beauty Blender before you apply your makeup and after. I'm guilty myself of not always washing my blender after I've applied my makeup, however it's super important in order to pro-long the lifespan of your blender. 

Disclaimer: you will eventually need to replace your Beauty Blender and buy a new one.

How often should I wash my Beauty Blender?

Before applying your makeup and after applying your makeup.


1. You should be cleaning your makeup tools before and after every use to avoid bacteria build up.

2. Sponges become filled with skin cells and bacteria can overgrow in that area. Gross right?

3. A dirty sponge can cause breakouts, poorly applied makeup and eventually ruin your Beauty Blender.

When to change my Beauty Blender?

The average blender usually lasts 3-6 months but that depends on how you look after your blender. If you're like me and use your Beauty Blender everyday, I'd advise to replace your Beauty Blender every 3 months. If you don't use it everyday and you look after it, I'd say 6 although I'm so OCD and tend to breakout every period, therefore I'm conscious of spreading bacteria so I replace it every 3 months.

Does this apply to all beauty sponges?

The same advice applies to all sponges really, be conscious of what you're putting on your face and practicing good hygiene. There's never been such a time where there is so much emphasis on good hygiene ey.

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