How To Look After Your Nails In Quarantine

Who else is missing the nail salon and that feeling of a fresh manicure? 

The one great thing about quarantine is actually having a detox and taking a break from treatments to allow her hair, skin and nails to rejuvenate. In order to rejuvenate our hair, skin and nails, they do need a little help.

To keep my nails healthy, I have been using the following products so they can maintain good health.

1. Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover
This is my holy grail when it comes to doing my nails at home. After removing my nail polish, I wash my hands and then apply a tiny amount of Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover to my cuticles and allow to set for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds I rub each cuticle and use the sharp part of a cuticle nipper to push my cuticles back and remove any excess.

If I don't use this in my nail routine, my cuticles look a mess. I've been using Sally Hansen for years and love all of their nail care products!

2. Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab Oil

This is another product I love love love by Sally Hansen. The Cuticle Rehab Oil makes a great handbag product if you need some extra hydration on your dry cuticles. Only a small amount is needed and it lasts forever. I like the packaging of the product and the fact you have to squeeze it in order for the product to come out. This helps you avoid wasting product which is what I find with other brands.

3. Jessica Nails Rejuvenation Base Coat

My nails tend to be quite dry after I've taken my polish off, purely because my nails never have a break from colour so when I have no polish on, my nails feel dry AF. Jessica Nails actually have a base coat for almost every single nail type there is. So there's a base coat for anyone with damaged nails, peeling nails, brittle nails etc. 

4. Nail Tools

Image: Pop Sugar

It may seem like a basic one, but make sure you have a nail file, cuticle nippers and a buffer at home! For those who religiously get their nails done in a salon and have never touched their nails at home. This is the time. You don't have to spend a lot to get a good nail file, nail buffer or cuticle nippers. Add some of these nail tools to your next Amazon order.

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