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Update on Institut Esthederm's E.V.E Serum | Skincare

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I've been using the Institut Esthederm E.V.E Serum for over two months now, I thought it's about time to give you all an update on my skin and my thoughts about the product.

If you read my blog post here you'll know I only purchased this after watching Huda Beauty's video (I'm so easy right?) and introducing microneedling to my skincare routine (a total game changer by the way!). If you have no idea what the product is and does, I definitely recommend you catch up with my first post before you continue reading this post...

Instant Look In a Palette | Charlotte Tilbury

I loveeee Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look in a Palette. I received one around 3 birthdays ago which is when I fell in love with it and was recently lucky enough to get another one for my birthday.

The Instant Look in a Palette offers everything you need in a palette to create a look; eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and highlight.  

After Using Olaplex's No. 3 Once, This is What Happened | Haircare

I thought by not washing and styling my hair as much during lockdown, it would have made my locks nice and healthy, but no quite the opposite. 

During lockdown my hair has been dry, brittle, falling out and very split. Like with skin, you can't just leave it and hope for the best, you have to treat and condition it, unless you are extremely lucky, have good genes or you're a guy...

I've been trying the infamous Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector which has been recommended to me by friends and is known as the answer to all of your hair problems. It's not a new product, it's been around for a while now (I'm just super late to the game) and has also been recommended by celebrity hair stylists.

Kayali Elixir Eau de Parfum | Review

The biggest compliment you can receive is "you smell good", wouldn't you agree?

For my birthday I received a stunning bottle of Kayalie Elixr Eau de Parfum in the 100ml size. From the packaging to the scent, everything is stunning! I have been wanting to try this ever since I smelt this in Sephora in Milan last year.
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