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I loveeee Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look in a Palette. I received one around 3 birthdays ago which is when I fell in love with it and was recently lucky enough to get another one for my birthday.

The Instant Look in a Palette offers everything you need in a palette to create a look; eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and highlight.  

There are two variations of Instant Look in a Palette; Stoned Rose Beauty and Gorgeous Glowing Beauty. I got the 'Stoned Rose Beauty' which is more of an evening glam makeup palette.

The three eyeshadows you get in the palette are 'Eclaircir' to brighten, 'Rehausser' to enhance and 'Ombrer' to create the smokey effect. I have quite a few eyeshadows from Charlotte Tilbury already as I like her shade range and the formula. They aren't super pigmented at first, you do have to layer the product on which is something I like about her eyeshadows. I personally don't like super pigmented eyeshadows because it's easier to build than it is to remove.

Then you have a shimmer bronzer, a highlighter and 2 blush options. I usually like a matte bronzer  but I'm down for experimenting with life after lockdown, so will probably try the shimmer bronzer for daytime and night time..because why not?

I love the highlighter, it does remind me slightly of one of my highlighters from my Anastasia's Glow Kit. I love that it's in this palette because it saves me from taking all my makeup out. 

In particular I love the blush shade 'Pop' and can see myself wearing this quite a lot as it's a matte blush. The other blush 'Caresse' has a slight shimmer to it so I would probably apply this on special occasions and when I'm wearing a matte bronzer. I don't like to go crazy with shimmer on my face because you can end up looking like Edward from Twilight when he starts to shimmer... if you have no idea what I'm talking about, continue reading.

Overall the palette has some beautiful shades and I love that it's super compact and easy to take wherever you go. All of the shades do contain shimmer (except for the blush) so I would say it's more of an evening glam palette.

I would say the value for money is totally worth it because you get an entire face palette in one. It retails for £49 and I always like to think of the cost per wear and cost per use of things (mainly to justify my need to buy things) and this essentially will last you a good year or so. So if you're looking for a palette for evenings in particular, I would definitely recommend in trying this!

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