If you have medium - dark skin tone and you're looking for a nude brown lipstick, it's got to be 'Whirl'. As I've always said MAC lipsticks are the best in terms of longevity, colour choice and comfort, especially the matte range.
I've seen a lot of swatches on the internet of 'Whirl' and I'm going to just be completely honest, most of them are inaccurate because in reality Whirl is a dark nude, not an everyday nude lipstick. Most people tend to say 'Whirl' is quite similar to 'Velvet Teddy' however I'd say it's much more darker and browner.

Anyway's if you're looking for something a little more vamp than your usual 'Velvet Teddy' shade, 'Whirl' is ya girl.

Glossaholic x

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