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The Cafe You Need To Visit | Elan Cafe

It’s officially my new favourite spot for tea & desserts. Oh yes I’m talking about Elan CafĂ©…

Crazy Bear Nights | OOTN

Crazy Bear is definitely one to check out or stay at, if you're around the Beaconsfield area this summer...

Roses That Last Years | Infinity Roses

White Infinity Roses - Fleurs De Paris

Bicester Village | Shopping & Eating

Last weekend I took a trip to Bicester Village in Oxford for a little shopping trip with my sister. I went to take advantage of the 20% discount week they had going on, and also it was payday and it's my birthday month, so why not?

Beauty Products to Carry on a Cabin Bag Only Flight

When it comes to packing your beauty products for a weekend away, I admit it stresses me out just thinking about the 100ml liquid rule & plastic clear bag. Not forgetting those weird Google Search terms you type in 'Is eyebrow gel considered a liquid?'. I hope this post helps inspire you when deciding what beauty products to take with you when catching a flight with only one cabin bag....

When in Paris | Angelina

When in Paris, I love popping into Angelina which is famously known for their hot chocolate (chocolate chaud). The first time I visited Angelina...

OOTN | London Nights

OOTN | Turkish Nights

OOTN | Indian Wedding

Custom Made 2 Piece: Poonam's Kaurture $560
Midi Rings: Topshop

Sabi x

Wear. Life. Eats.

It's been a while hasn't it...I've been a little AWOL this month on the blog purely because I've been in Birmingham this week, well a little further outside of Birmingham near Kingswinford. Holla if you're from those neck of the woods! I thought I'd share some of the highlights of my week and where I've been so I thought why not do a Wear. Life. Eats. post!

During the four days I was playing tourist, I managed to visit Cadbury's World, West Midlands Safari Park, Akbars Restaurant, Argeela Shisha Lounge, Bullring Shopping Centre and a few other restaurants but I really do not need to highlight my trip to Nandos lol...

It was actually my first time visiting Cadbury's World, I know what you're thinking. For a girl who eats chocolate for breakfast, how on earth have I only visited the world of chocolate at the age of 24?! I was pretty disappointed as I had high expectations, hoping it would be like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory but I guess it's more for kids. They allow you to roam around and explore the history of chocolate, go on a ride and visit a 4d cinema for £15. Not forgetting they give you x3 free bars of chocolate and access to the chocolate shops where you can buy Cadbury branded chocolate slightly cheaper than the supermarket. Would I go again? No, unless I'm taking a really young child, which I was if you're wondering why I went there!

West Midlands Safari Park was fab! It's an open safari which allows you drive around with animals everywhere! From tigers to lions to leopards to elephants and so on! It was a pretty cool experience and you almost feel like you're in South Africa minus the heat. The park also has lots of different experiences, I went into a room full of bats flying over our head and got to see my faves - meerkats! Overall, definitely recommended you visit this place 

Went to a lovely Asian restaurant called Akbar's which does amazing food and literally the decor was so beautiful. They're standard size naan is a giant naan which comes on it's own stand! Everywhere I go, I find a shisha lounge! I mean I even found one in Santorini which is a tiny island! I went to Argeela Shisha Lounge & Grill which is around 10 minutes away from the Bull Ring. Stunning shisha lounge, I don't think there is one in London to match up to Argeela. Service was good, decor amazing, shisha was amazing and mega cheap compared to London prices. Music was spot on, literally I would easily drive up to Argeela on the weekends as it ticked all the right boxes!

Also visited the Bull Ring Shopping Centre for the very first time. In all the times I've been to Bham, I've never actually been to the Bull Ring! I don't normally talk about shopping centres randomly, but they had a Selfridges beauty floor which had every makeup brand I possibly use! A long day shopping requires some much deserved drinks so I also popped down to Marco Pierre White's Rooftop Champagne Bar which was stunning. Drinks were pretty good and it was just perfect as the weather was so good!

I'm heading back to Bham in December, so if you have any recommendations on restaurants/bars/shisha lounges or even shopping centres please let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed my first Wear. Life. Eats. post!

Sabi x

The Kardashian Fish Pedicure | Kissing Fish

An experience I just had to share with you all! During my holiday to Santorini, I visited the infamous Kissing Fish Foot spa which was seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The fish pedicure is basically a treatment where you have to place your feet in a tank which contains small fish which nibble away at dead or calloused skin. 

Does it tickle? Hell yes. It's a little weird at first, as it's like placing your feet in a tank full of mini sharks which are waiting to get their teeth right in, however these fish don't have teeth and are not at all dangerous. The benefits include softer, smoother, healthier and refreshed feet. If you go regularly, skin improves much faster and you see results immediately although this treatment can be a little expensive here in London. I paid €15 for a 30 minute session which worked out to be around £11-£13 on a good exchange rate.

You have to be careful which salons/spas you visit as it's really important the hygiene is exquisite, as there have been a few incidents where people have picked up germs. I would definitely recommend anyone with dry skin to look into this, or if you just want to experience it for yourself, do it! Also, it's unisex so it's great for everybody!

Sabi x

OOTD | Layered Palazzos

Rocking my layered palazzos today which I purchased last year from Zara. Teamed it up with a sleeveless sheer leopard print vest top from Topshop and gold Zara pointed shoes for the evening. 

Sabi x

Holiday Haulin' | Santorini

Picked us some bits from the local shopping centre & pharmacy today. Stocked up on Bioderma and picked up another Studio Fix Foundation in NC35 from MAC!

Hope you're having a fab day!

Sabi x

OOTD | Santorini - Oia

Got the bus down to Oia from Thira on Sunday, which is a 20-30 minute bus ride which only cost €1.60 each way. Found some random steps which lead down to Amoudi Bay which is overhyped in my opinion. Anyway long story short, the only way is down and once you get there, the only way is up! You can get a donkey up/down however I love animals way too much and it was pretty heartbreaking to hear the donkeys going past out of breath, so please just use your legs if you ever visit Oia! Think I've earnt my way to get that J Lo butt after going up and down over 200 steps!

Denim Playsuit - ASOS
Trainers - Converse
Bag - Accessorize
Watch - Toy Watch

Sabi x

OOTD | Santorini Nights

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you have seen me non stop snapping away pics of my birthday holiday to Santorini, Greece. I arrived to Santorini on Thursday and it honestly is the most gorgeous island I have seen. Everything is so pretty and the people are so cute here, I have nothing bad to say. I will be posting a seperate blog post on what I got up to here and until then follow me on Instagram to see the remaining of my trip. 

Sabi x

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