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I'm in love with nude polish lately. During lockdown I hardly wore nail polish which is shocking for someone who used to have her nails freshly done every 3 days, and it seems that I've gotten used to the barely there look when it comes to makeup and nails...

How To Look After Your Nails In Quarantine

Who else is missing the nail salon and that feeling of a fresh manicure? 

The one great thing about quarantine is actually having a detox and taking a break from treatments to allow her hair, skin and nails to rejuvenate. In order to rejuvenate our hair, skin and nails, they do need a little help.

To keep my nails healthy, I have been using the following products so they can maintain good health.

Jessica Nails Custom Colour | Chalk White

Jessica Nails Custom Colour | Cheeky

There's nothing I love more than a pastel nude polish on the nails, and I think I have finally found the perfect one...

Jessica Nails Phenom | Geisha Girl

What's On My Nails | Summer Edition

Lots of people know I don't go too crazy with colour on my nails because I really like when my nails compliment my outfits. Nails are like the finishing touch to any outfit so it's always good to go for a colour that works with any colour palette e.g. light pinks, reds, corals, burgundy and so on...

Color Therapy | Sally Hansen

I've realised, the more time I spend on caring for my nails, the longer my manicure lasts. I used to be really lazy when it comes to doing my nails. I would spend a couple of minutes filing my nails, applying a cheap base coat and would expect my nail polish to last without chipping. Caring for your nails is a little like caring for your skin before applying makeup to ensure you get the best results...

Little Peony | Sally Hansen

I'm a huge fan of nude nails as they just look so sophisticated and chic. I am loving...

Sunday Night Nail Routine

Although it's not Sunday today, unfortunately it's the day before we go back to work and that means one thing. Nails. I'm a bit of a nail junkie, and tend to paint my nails two or three times a week. I know, it sounds a lot but there's nothing I hate more than when my nails are chipped. A clean mani just makes you feel put together...

What's On My Nails

OPI | As Steady As She Rose

Desperately need recommendations on a similar shade to this one. I'm getting in an awful habit of getting acrylics done from the salon, my nails are gonna hate me soon! The shade I'm wearing is by OPI and is called As Steady As She Rose....however. It's a discontinued shade and more or less ancient. So any recommendations for something similar is more than welcome! 

Sabi x

OPI | Big Apple Red

Big Apple Red by OPI

Sabi x

OPI | Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Sabi x

OPI Infinite Shine | Raisin' The Bar

I love OPI Infinite Shine* as it really offers SHINE! It's a three step process, so you first prime your nails, you then apply the colour and last but not least finish off with the top coat which offers shine and protects your mani.

I'm rockin' Raisin the Bar which is a dark red. It's a weird shade as in the evening it almost looks burgundy however during the day it's a dark red. I actually found my mani lasting a whole 7 days after buffing my nails and following the three step process which is a first for any nail polish! Big thumbs up to OPI!

Sabi x

Sally Hansen | Pat On The Black

Colour Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen is probably my favourite nail range ever because of it's quality. Quality is key to me as it's the only thing I look for; How long will my mani last? The second key thing is shine which this does, however a little help from their topcoat range is needed. Pat on the Black* is a dark plum/black. The application is easy with it's wide brush, and two coats on the nail is more than enough. I find it quite similar to OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark which I blogged about here around 2 years ago, so excuse the short badly painted nails. It's safe to say I've come a long way haha.

Sabi x

What's On My Nails

I'm obsessed with painting my nails at the moment, literally I'm at a stage where I'm painting my nails 2-3 times a week. Is this normal? I'm actually obsessed with OPI* and Sally Hansen* lately, as I've been wearing these two brands only for the past 2-3 months. 

My favourite colours for AW15 or 'Fall' if you're from the US are blacks, dark burgundy and of course good ol' fierce red. I don't tend to wear nudes this time of year because I much prefer bold statement colours.

Top Left: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Bottom Left: OPI The Thrill of Brazil
Top Right: OPI Amore at the Grand Canal 
Bottom Right: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Wine Stock

Sabi x

OPI | New Additions to the Collection

Left to Right: Be There in a Prosecco, I Cannoli Wear OPI, The Thrill of Brazil, Tiramisu for Two

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you must know by now when it comes to nails I practically only wear the following colour groups; nudes, reds and darks. I got to try out a few of the newest shades from OPI's Venice Collection* and also one from their previous Brazil collections.

I'm loving these colours for the autumn/winter months ahead. Be There in a Prosecco is from the Venice Collection and is a beautiful cream nude. I Cannoli Wear OPI (love the shade names by the way!) is a lovely light grey shade, and you guys know I LOVE light grey nails. It's very similar to Sally Hansen's Greyfitti but it's slightly lighter which I love. This has to be my favourite out of the Venice Collection. Then there's Tiramisu for Two which is another nude, however this has a pink undertone which looks great on warmer skin tones. I also think if you have long nails, you can really pull this colour off. Last but not least is The Thrill of Brazil which is from OPI's Brazil Collection and of course is a bright classic red. You always need a classic red in your nail collection! 

I have a few other new additions to my OPI collection, so follow me on Instagram to see them and don't forget to follow OPI on Instagram here.

Sabi x

Sally Hansen | Nail Of The Day

If there was one nail polish brand I had to wear forever, hands down it would be Sally Hansen*. I love their colours, finish, topcoats, formula, and the brush. It ticks all of the right boxes.

Today I'm wearing Redgy from their Miracle Gel range with the Miracle Gel topcoat applied on top. I once had a manicure from a Sally Hansen manicurist and she told me it's best not to use a top coat with this range so the 'miracle-ness' can work! Love this redy/coral colour, it's perfect for the Summer although it's quite a miserable day in London today.

Miracle Gel is available to purchase from Boots here for £9.99

Sabi x
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