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Make Up Forever | UK

Finally. Make Up Forever is here in the UK!! I am so happy we finally have access to some of the Make Up Forever range which is exclusively sold in Debenhams. I was down central over the weekend, as I booked a mani-pedi for my holiday. So I popped into Debenhams to get colour matched as I am dying to get my hands on the MUFE HD Foundation.

I'm a big fan of their primers ever since I picked one up from Paris. The makeup artist applied the peach primer which adds radiance and works well with yellow undertones. He then went on to apply MUFE's HD Foundation in N127. Normally I'm a NC35 in MAC's Studio Fix Foundation. It seemed like a perfect match, but I always think it's best to have  two opinions from two different makeup artists to ensure you purchase the right colour. 

I loved the coverage, wear and qualityy of the HD foundation, however it is quite wet/oily so you need to finish it off with a powder. Talking of powder, I purchased the best seller of course; HD Loose Powder which is amazing! I feel a little goes a long way and it just sets your makeup so nicely aswell as priming the face.

I checked out their other products and eye shadows in particular and it really seems like they have brought the best products to the UK. No longer needing to book a Paris shopping trip anymore ladies...

Make Up Forever is available at Debenhams, Oxford Street and online. 

Sabi x

Rimmel | New Kate Moss Lipsticks

I have loved the Kate Moss lipstick range from Rimmel London ever since they came out a few years ago. As much as I love MAC lipsticks, I just find the Kate range so affordable and the colours are just ah-mazing. I'm going on holiday next month and I'll definitely be taking a couple of these with me!

There are 5 new shades; 34: Baby pink, 35: Bubblegum pink which is slightly violet, 36: Hot pink, 37: Coral, 38: Nude. I am in love with shades 36 and 37 as the colours are stunning and super pigmented! Another reason why I really love the Kate range is because they are under the Lasting Finish* range which means they stay on slightly longer than the average lipstick and they are quite moisturising. I've always found them quite similar to MAC's creamsheen lipstick range. As you can see they are all stunning summer colours - however if you have Asian skintone - I would steer away from shades 34 and 38 as they can wash you out.

Sabi x

MAC | Velvet Teddy & Blankety

So last week I made a little MAC order and picked up Velvet Teddy Blankety. Absolutely in love with both of these shades, I haven't stopped wearing them since last week!

So Blankety is a beaut creamy nude colour and reminds me a little of Pure ZenIt's really hard for us Asian girls to pull of nudes as they can really make us look like our lips dissolved into our faces, this is probably the lightest we can go without looking washed out. I don't think this lipstick is an all-rounder which would suit everyone, so I recommend you go into a MAC store and try a sample before purchasing. Things I love: the consistency, the creamy texture and longevity this lipstick. Love, love, love.

Low & behold, where do I start with Velvet Teddy? Velvet Teddy is a matte browny pink shade which makes you wanna relive the 90s. This shade is life, I can't believe I never tried this sooner. Velvet Teddy has a matte finish but doesn't dry your lips out at ALL! If you haven't tried Velvet Teddy before, I advise you all to go and purchase this one! Now it's clear why this is always out of stock! Sabi x

Velvet Teddy

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