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Things To Do In Singapore | Travel

New to Glossaholic this year, I'll be introducing a series of travel posts to help those planning a getaway with top places I recommend as well as tips.

First for 2020, let's start with my trip to Singapore in December 19...

Blue Lagoon | Iceland

Visiting Iceland has always been one on the bucket list. Earlier this year my sister and I decided to take a short trip to Keflavik, a small town in Reykjavik and stayed at the most luxurious hotel in Iceland, The Silica Hotel at The Blue Lagoon...

When in Paris | Angelina

When in Paris, I love popping into Angelina which is famously known for their hot chocolate (chocolate chaud). The first time I visited Angelina...

Mini Sephora Haul | Paris

Last week I was in Paris and of course Sephora was on the agenda as always! I didn't go crazy but I bought a few things as a little January treat...

The Kardashian Fish Pedicure | Kissing Fish

An experience I just had to share with you all! During my holiday to Santorini, I visited the infamous Kissing Fish Foot spa which was seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The fish pedicure is basically a treatment where you have to place your feet in a tank which contains small fish which nibble away at dead or calloused skin. 

Does it tickle? Hell yes. It's a little weird at first, as it's like placing your feet in a tank full of mini sharks which are waiting to get their teeth right in, however these fish don't have teeth and are not at all dangerous. The benefits include softer, smoother, healthier and refreshed feet. If you go regularly, skin improves much faster and you see results immediately although this treatment can be a little expensive here in London. I paid €15 for a 30 minute session which worked out to be around £11-£13 on a good exchange rate.

You have to be careful which salons/spas you visit as it's really important the hygiene is exquisite, as there have been a few incidents where people have picked up germs. I would definitely recommend anyone with dry skin to look into this, or if you just want to experience it for yourself, do it! Also, it's unisex so it's great for everybody!

Sabi x

OOTD | Santorini - Oia

Got the bus down to Oia from Thira on Sunday, which is a 20-30 minute bus ride which only cost €1.60 each way. Found some random steps which lead down to Amoudi Bay which is overhyped in my opinion. Anyway long story short, the only way is down and once you get there, the only way is up! You can get a donkey up/down however I love animals way too much and it was pretty heartbreaking to hear the donkeys going past out of breath, so please just use your legs if you ever visit Oia! Think I've earnt my way to get that J Lo butt after going up and down over 200 steps!

Denim Playsuit - ASOS
Trainers - Converse
Bag - Accessorize
Watch - Toy Watch

Sabi x

OOTD | Santorini Nights

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you have seen me non stop snapping away pics of my birthday holiday to Santorini, Greece. I arrived to Santorini on Thursday and it honestly is the most gorgeous island I have seen. Everything is so pretty and the people are so cute here, I have nothing bad to say. I will be posting a seperate blog post on what I got up to here and until then follow me on Instagram to see the remaining of my trip. 

Sabi x

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