I Tried Microneedling | Skincare

Having watched Huda Beauty's YouTube videos, I knew a little bit about microneedling but not as much as I know now after getting my hands on the BeautyLab Titanium Microneedle Roller*

So what is a microneedle roller? 

A microneedle roller is also known as a 'dermaroller'. It's a facial tool with lots of titanium needles (0.3mm).

What does it do?

The longer the needles, the more effect it's going to have. There are different types of needle lengths available, I have the 0.3mm which is safe to use at-home however professionals would use a needle up to 1.5mm because they are qualified to do so without damaging your skin.

5 Fruits To Improve Your Skin | Skincare

Image Credit: Tastes Better Than Scratch

When it comes to skincare I am no expert however I have learnt things about my skin along the way of dealing with mild acne. For me, diet plays a very important role in my skincare routine. Products do offer added benefits to my skin however, I have found what I eat and drink benefits my skin a lot more. 

During 'quarantine' season, it's extremely difficult to eat clean and not raid the snack cupboard. I'm not going to lie, the snack cupboard is my favourite kitchen cupboard and I treat myself a lot more than I should especially during that time of the month. However, you need to have a good balance and really try your hardest in order to come out glowing for summer, autumn, winter, next year? Who knows.

Here are some of the fruits I've been eating and why you should add them to your shopping list...

How Old Are Your Makeup Products?

If you think you're slowly starting to lose your shit, don't worry you're not alone. Whether it's week two or three of 'quarantine season', almost everyone is feeling the same. The most important thing you can do other than #StayHome is #StayBusy. 

One thing that has been keeping me busy the past couple of weeks is 'spring cleaning' my beauty drawers and cupboards. I've been putting it off forever simply because it took me forever, but boy were the benefits so worth it in the end. We're all guilty of keeping beauty products longer than their expiry dates, we wouldn't keep food past it's best before date, so why do we think it's okay to do it with beauty?

Stop what you're doing, go and check out the expiry date on your makeup products...and then order new product to replace them. You'll instantly feel a lot better, not sure I can say the same about your bank balance.

How to Help Dry Hands?

Dry hands? Join the club. Excessive hand washing with anti-bacterial hand wash and using hand sanitizer on the go has really taken its toll on my skin. When it comes to moisturising, I must confess I'm not that good at it, but it's about time...

Update on the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation | Review

So you may remember my review on the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation, if not click here now. I said I would purchase the shade up because it was a little light and dull on me, and I actually ended up purchasing 3.50W which was a little risky without seeing it however...
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